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Rental Instructions

Information for Grange Hall Renters

Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange
1900 17th Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 476-6424 (voice mail, local calls out)

Rental Manager: Daniel Feldman    dfeldman26@yahoo.com    mobile (831) 325-3233

Alcohol and smoking are not permitted at rental events.

The light switches are at the back of the hall.  Note that one of the switches is for the parking lot.  The control for the heater is also at the back of the hall.  

Renters are expected to return the hall to the condition found at arrival.  All chairs and furniture need to be put away. Dirt on the floors needs to be swept and any spills mopped up. 

Please don't tape anything to the walls;  the wallpaper peels easily.  Please don't use nails or tacks. 
Don't pull on the curtains; use the cords on the side.

The Grange supports sustainable living and promotes energy and resource conservation. If you generate large amounts of trash or recyclables, please take it with you.  Trash bags are in the kitchen.   We try to minimize trash and plastic. 

Our dishes and utensils are available as part of the kitchen use fee (see Terms and Conditions). Just wash them when you are done; we will put them away.

Please refrain from using disposable water bottles.  There is filtered water available in the kitchen.  Vegetable food scraps can be placed in the compost container.  Our water heater holds only 8 gallons; please don't waste hot water, use minimum soap. 

Please don't leave food in the kitchen or refrigerator.

Use of the stove needs to be arranged ahead of time.  The stove is usually turned off to conserve energy.  The pilots need to lighted.  Please contact the manager to do this;  don't try to do it yourself.

Don't use the Grange address for your mail;  it will be recycled.

Departure Checklist:

Floor clean
Windows and curtains closed
Heat off
Water turned off
Chairs and furniture put away
Lights out
Doors locked and latched