future sitemap

Hello everybody.  It's about time to grow this website.  Below are some subpages we have in mind. Feel free to add.

1. Home Splash Page

weekly featured video

2. About Us: Our Mission, Our Constituencies: ag  producers,  food industry, green energy, homesteaders, consumers:


1. What is the Grange

2. What is a Progressive or Action Grange
3. Officer photos & bios

3. Events Splash Page


1. Events at the Green Grange

2. Santa Cruz Eco-community Calendar

3. National Sustainable Calendar

4. Recent Events at the Green Grange (pix)

4. Membership

new members feature with pix and bios

why join, advantages of membership

how to join

5. Hall Rentals Splash Page


1. the hall, features, tables, chairs, wifi etc.

2. the stage / equipment

3. kitchen

4. pavilion, outdoor space (eventually)

5. Conditions and requirements for renters

6.Grange History  Splash Page


1. SCLO History before 1998 / since 1998 

2. CA State Grange History

3. National Grange History

7. Grange Programs Splash Page


1. Garden: slideshow, spiel, UCSC interns, workdays, chickens,  orchard,  veggie garden, composting/worms

2. Green Genes 

3. Seed Lending Library 

4. Boys and Girls club?

5. Red Cross Partnership


8. Green Granger News

9. Green in the News: state, national, and international Green news

10. Green Resources Splash Page


1. Green Issues Orgs

2. Sustainable Ag

3. Alternative Energy

4. Sustainable Materials

5. Sustainable Building and Community Planning

3. Info Resources on WWW

4. How-to Resources

5. YouTube thumbnails

6. Santa Cruz and Monterey County Farmer's Markets

11. Contact Info