Grange Community Garden

The Live Oak Grange Community Garden includes over 2,000 square feet of organically grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, along with perennial favorites like raspberries, artichokes, and rhubarb. Our mission as the Garden Committee of the Live Oak Grange is to cultivate an organic, bio diverse community garden that provides a foundation for sustainable living in the Live Oak community. 

Garden Committee Meetings are held the 4th Sunday of the month, noon-1pm under the Council Oak Tree.

There are two pathways for Grange members
to garden at the Live Oak Grange


Apply to rent a row ($50/year) or half row ($25/year). Available garden rows are assigned
lottery and applications are accepted throughout the year. Priority is given
to Grange members who are residents of Live Oak. Food grown in rented
rows belongs to the gardener or household renting that row. 

Download an application to rent a row now!
(see attachment at bottom of page)

Download a Grange membership application


There are several rows that are managed collectively by members of the garden committee. Members devise a crop plan for the spring and fall based on what is most exciting for everyone to grow and eat. Collective garden work days are scheduled throughout the year. Food grown in the collective garden beds is available to any gardener in the collective effort and is also intended for the monthly Grange potlucks and community events at the Grange. To become a member of the gardening collective, one needs to become a Grange member, pay a $25 annual Garden Committee dues fee, and sign a collective gardening contract. The $25 collective garden fee is waived for row renters.

Download a Grange membership application

Download an application to become a collective garden member! 
(see attachment at bottom of page)  

All gardeners have access to heirloom seeds from the Seventh Generation Seed Cooperative at the Grange. 

For questions about joining the garden committee, contact garden committee chair John Bonnet

Grange Gardeners - You can pay your annual row rental dues with PayPal! 

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