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Why Join The Grange?

The Order of Patrons of Husbandry, generally known as The Grange, was a populist movement that arose in the late 1860's in reaction to the assault being levied on small family farmers by monopolistic corporations, banks, and their governmental agents. For the ensuing decades, the Grange grew in membership and power and was able act powerfully for the benefit of farmers and rural America. 

Since 1998, the Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange, aka "The Green Grange," has led the call for a revitalization of the Grange's original mission to "support sustainable farming and the small family farmer." Many of the issues of concern to farmers are also of interest to non-farmers. Urban planning and farmland become one issue when the growth of cities covers rich soil with concrete. The safety and quality of our water supply are of vital importance to everyone. So one does not have to be a farmer to be active in the Grange.

The SCLO Grange seeks to be a hub for advocacy, activism, and activity in support of sustainable agriculture and local resilience. We have a demonstration organic garden in which our members can participate. We host and co-host meetings and events on a wide range of topics, and provide free and low-cost meeting space for other organizations who share our mission.

The SCLO Grange supports our members with resources, expertise, and a physical venue to actively pursue their interests in any aspect of sustainable food systems at the local, state, national, or worldwide level. Some members are not able to attend the regular meetings, but can still get involved by volunteering in Grange committees. Some people join simply to support the mission and work of the SCLO Grange.

    How To Join The Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange

     Follow these steps to become a Live Oak Grange member:

    (1) Download a Grange membership application. 

    Fraternal (Individual) membership in the Grange is open to all persons over 13 1/2 years of age with an interest in agriculture and community service. Individual membership dues are $30 per year.

    Click here to download an Individual membership application   

    Family membership is for one or more adults with children/dependents between the ages of 14 and 23. Family membership dues are $60/year. 

    Click here to download a Family membership application 

    Junior Grange membership is free for children ages 5-13! The Junior Grange application must be signed by a parent or guardian. 

    Click here to download a Junior Grange membership application                 

    Associate membership is for businesses and community organizations with an interest in advancing sustainable agriculture. Associate members can participate in Grange work, but can't vote on Grange policy. Associate membership is $40/year, and may be tax deductible as a business expense.

    Click here to download an Associate membership application

    (2) Print and sign the application.  Write the names of two Grange members that will serve as references and recommend you for membership. If you are new to the Grange and don't know anyone yet, volunteering with a Grange committee or at a Grange-sponsored event is a great way to get to know other Grangers. 

    (3) Mail the application with your check written to Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange to:

         SCLO Grange
         1900 17th Ave
         Santa Cruz, CA  95062

    4) Your application will be considered by vote of the membership at the next Grange business meeting (first Tuesday of the month at 7pm). After you are voted in, you will be invited to attend the next business meeting as a voting member. Your check will not be cashed until you are inducted as a member of our Grange. 

    If you have any questions, please contact our Grange Secretary Paul Franklin at: 
    (831) 295-8280.